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Resource Biomass is a next-generation, full service organics recycling and compost technology company. We target specific organic green waste materials to create engineered, environmentally-friendly soil and mulch products from the compost it produces, displacing more expensive fertilizers that have a harmful impact on the environment.

We have an established facility that accepts and aggregates organic landscape debris, offers year-round landscape debris pick-up/collection and provides disposal services through high-capacity grapple trucks, dedicated open-top walking floor trailers and variable-sized containers for green waste generators, landscaping companies, golf courses, communities and municipalities which it serves.

By internalizing transportation services, Resource Biomass allows its customers to minimize over-the-road mileage, reduce disposal costs and free-up drivers and equipment for revenue producing activities, while simultaneously providing Closed-Loop and Zero-Landfill Solutions for its customer’s customers.


Marc L Owensby

Managing Member


RoGER Johansson

Managing Member


Anthony M. Cialone

Managing Member


William Needle

Vice President Construction